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Asset tracking from A to Z

(French White Paper)

What is asset tracking, which technology to choose, and in which cases does it add value?
Discover a 360° view of asset tracking and all the possible gains that can be made from it.


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A study on all the benefits expected from maritime

transport flow tracking solution

Today, precise data retrieved in near real-time can be a crucial element in controlling its flows.

A flow tracking solution gives access to granular information on location, transport conditions, and a global view of the supply chain. The exploitation of this data allows for better management of the routing process and anticipation of unforeseen events.
Depending on the objectives, gains can be obtained more or less quickly. But what are these benefits? Operational? Data exploitation? Customer relationship management? In cost?

This white paper aims to provide an overview of all the possible benefits that can be expected from a maritime flow monitoring solution and understand what gains can be achieved based on your own objectives within the company.

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