Evergreen Vessel in the Safecube Platform

The Suez Canal is one of the most essential waterways in the world. About 300 metres wide and 190 kilometres long, it carries about 10% of international maritime trade. Every day that it is unavailable causes significant delays and costs.

Nearly 400 ships were stuck on Sunday evening at the ends and in the middle of the channel linking the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea. Among them were 11 ships from Romania carrying 130,000 sheep. The total value of the stranded goods is between three and 9.6 billion dollars. According to insurer Allianz, each blockage day could cost  between $6 billion and $10 billion globally.

How to anticipate an event like this?

Lack of visibility lost containers, unreliable ETAs, a tracking solution is more than ever necessary in this context.

 We took the example of a significant player in the automotive industry who gave us feedback on the use of our real-time tracking solution EasyTrack during this crisis.

« Locating blocked goods »

Each ship is identified on the tracking platform. This makes it possible to geo-locate the goods in real-time and thus to know exactly which goods for which customer are blocked. This allows all service providers and the customer to be informed with reliable data.

8 containers of this customer were in the Ever Given

« Anticipating approaching ship »

There are blocked vessels and those that are on their way. The map on the platform identified those that were likely to be blocked if Evergreen congested the canal. Approximately 200 containers were approaching and got stuck.


« Anticipating a restocking »


Knowing which goods were blocked helped to anticipate a need for restocking and request another mode of transport (train, plane) if necessary. This visibility allows for quicker corrective actions, and therefore anticipates stock shortages. 


«Estimation of a new ETA »


The solution allows the Estimated Time of Arrival to be adjusted continuously. « For example, the container that was blocked well before the canal entry, we could immediately estimate a delay of X days, while the closer one, we knew would be released more quickly. 


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Detecting ship deviation 


During the crisis, some vessels decided to bypass the canal and go through Africa, off the coast of Somalia. The tracking solution detected this deviation, and alerted the customer that there would be a longer lead time. 

This solution has proven its ability to be more reactive in decision making. The visibility and provision of reliable data, independent of shipping companies, has accelerated the transmission of information between the various stakeholders. And thus, ensure greater resilience in the event of a crisis. « With Easytrack, we can see on a map where our containers are located, which, in the case of Suez, was a very big advantage. « 



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