Turning real-time visibility into lead-time reduction with MIchelin  

We have been working with Michelin for almost two years. Born from a partnership between Argon&co, Sigfox and Michelin, the tire manufacturer is one of our closest partners.
One of the main needs of the group, at the very beginning, was to get real-time end-to-end monitoring.

Safecube solution allows going far beyond a simple need for visibility.

Michelin is shipping more than 500 TEU every month to their facilities close to Chicago port. 

Optimizing this lane is potentially bringing a lot of value to Michelin in terms of in-transit inventory.

IoTrack responded to a need to have a large amount of very accurate information, very quickly and continuously. This precision is related to a need for high control and visibility and a complete end-to-end perspective.

Thanks to the implementation of Safecube solutions, we’ve been able to achieve together the following optimization:


Terminal choice in Chicago train station

A part of Michelin shipments transit by Chicago (more than 500 containers per month).
One of the features of the solution is to be able to analyse terminal trains efficiency and to identify the fastest ones.
Trackers provide a record of sensor positions. This tracker data leads to an analysis of the delays between the different arrival points.
After a detailed analysis of the performance of each train terminal in Chicago, we realized that one of them was able to move goods faster than the others. Again, after a quick discussion with the shipping lines involved, we agreed to use this specific terminal moving forward.

  • 1 day Lead Time reduction thanks to a train terminal optimization


Import operation optimization in Chicago

Michelin shipments transited by Chicago with Safecube solution reduced it’s in transit stock thanks to the analysis of transit time. The anticipation of the train’s arrival and synchronization with the routing station enables to anticipate the reservation of the last section truck.

It allows identifying 2 days delay between the actual arrival of the shipment in Chicago port and the information provided by the freight forwarder. Then, container unloading event in Chicago rail station received real-time vs 40% with a delay of 1 to 8 days before.

Safecube solution provides better synchronization to anticipate delays.

  • Reduction of 1-day in-transit inventory


« After first tests on our more sensitive maritime flow, we deployed on a large perimeter with a systematic payback. Now the tracking information is automatically updated in our systems by EDI to organize operations with our TMS (Transport Management System) and to inform our customer via Order to Cash portal. »

Fabien Monin

Michelin Intrapreneur in multimodal logistics, Michelin


Route optimization from Antwerp to Chicago

The solution allows identifying an additional stop in New York between the trans-shipment in Norfolk and the final destination. Then, the shipping line agreed to do the trans-shipment in New-York instead and transiting afterwards to Chicago via rail for the same price.

The analysis helps to redesign the intermodal route with container unloading and New York and rail transit from New York to Chicago


  • 4 days Lead Time reduction thanks to a route optimization

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