Michelin: Turning real-time alert and route optimization into cost reduction

We have been working with Michelin for almost two years. Born from a partnership between Argon&co, Sigfox and Michelin, the tire manufacturer is one of our closest partners.
One of the main needs of the group, at the very beginning, was to get real-time end-to-end monitoring.

Safecube solution allows going far beyond a simple need for visibility.

Michelin is shipping more than 500 TEU every month to their facilities close to Chicago port. 

Optimizing this lane is potentially bringing a lot of value to Michelin in terms of in-transit inventory.

IoTrack responded to a need to have a large amount of very accurate information, very quickly and continuously. This precision is related to a need for high control and visibility and a complete end-to-end perspective.

Thanks to the implementation of Safecube solutions, we’ve been able to achieve together the following optimization:


Container sleeping alert in arrival port

One of the key features of IoTrack is the implementation of alert in real-time. It allows getting information on unloading activities in real-time to react faster and avoid sleeping containers.
For Michelin case, we rolled out of Safecube solutions for shipments to Michelin client in Panama (Panama Mines).
The alert in arrival port allows the identification of detention cost paid by the client due to containers staying in the port for more than 10 days

  • Reduction of detention costs by 150€ per day per container


Identification of sub-optimal port operations

From Spain to Panama, Safecube trackers allow the identification of sub-optimal port operations and terminal choice between Cristobal and Manzanillo Terminal.
This operation leads to the renegotiation and reduction of transportation cost with the shipping line by removing the unnecessary truck transit between the 2 terminals.

  • Reduction of transportation cost by 400€ per container


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