Supply chain tracking issues at the product level

Interview of Alexandre Starck, supply chain and Continuous Improvement Coordinator at SFA 

For more than 60 years, the companies of the SFA Group have been working to bring more and more sanitary comfort to their customers, both professionals and private individuals. The group now has 25 subsidiaries and distributes its products in several other countries through its network of importers and distributors.

In April 2021, the company chose Safecube to improve the monitoring of maritime deliveries between its factories and subsidiaries (mainly in America and Asia), and to facilitate communication.

We asked Alexandre Starck, Supply Chain and Continuous Improvement Coordinator at SFA, in charge of the collaboration with Safecube, three questions about his experience. 


Why did you choose Safecube?

I knew Waël Cheaïb, Safecube’s CEO, so I already had some confidence in Safecube’s business expertise. I wanted to respond to the demands of our distribution subsidiaries to have better visibility of maritime transport and better incident management. As I was familiar with Safecube’s IoTrack solution, I knew that it covered this use case perfectly.


How did the integration of the solution go?

There was good support from the Safecube operations team. First of all, we had a demonstration session and support for the shipment teams at the factory and the international subsidiaries to get them up and running. Based on the initial feedback, we asked Safecube to develop new functions. For example, we needed additional filters for the analytical part. Safecube’s development team was therefore able to develop features specific to our needs. For example, they automated the process of launching IoTrack shipments in order to limit the load on the teams.

Once the deployment had been completed successfully in the test branches, we rolled out the system progressively, integrating new functions as and when we needed them. Very flexible, the platform lacked a bit of ergonomics at the beginning, but the improvements were made continuously and it became quite intuitive. 


What are the results today?

Today, we can say that the solution is well stabilised. We have received good feedback from our subsidiaries. IoTrack allows an overall improvement of our supply chain. The real-time visibility allows our teams to anticipate unforeseen events and, above all, to have access to precise ETAs. 


What are the next steps for collaboration?

We are continuing to roll out Safecube to the remaining subsidiaries.

We will also use more analytical data, in particular to be more precise about lead time and its variability


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