Improve operational synchronisation and reactivity to unforeseen events

In January 2020, one of the major players in the luxe industry wanted to assess part of its inter-factory flows from Europe to various stock platforms around the world. The company used Safecube’s IoTrack for real-time flow and temperature monitoring.

The project addressed a few specific issues:


Security and transport conditions

  • This customer transports sensitive goods with strict transport conditions.
    One of the objectives of the solution is to have more control over the evolution of temperature conditions.
    Exceeding the 30-degree threshold on the inland parts of the transportation triggers a real time alert on the
  • Then a security issue on the stolen goods. Identify and alert in real time when containers are opened, especially at ports.


Real time visibility on flows and transportation performance assessment

  • The customer takes benefit of real time visibility on goods flows, from the departure warehouse to the arrival. The arrival warehouses have a good vision of replenishments to come, and of delays with a good proactivity.
  • A tool capable of doing end-to-end tracking: inland and maritime.
  • A quarterly business review enables to share some analysis of
transportation performance on the different maritime lines.

    IoT’s added value


    Pallet Tracking

    • Trackers placed on the pallet for in-land flows. Very Precise and granular data transmission.


    • No signal jamming with the Sigfox network unlike GS

    Today, this major player in the luxe industry has chosen to use IoT-based solution IoTrack for real-time flow and temperature monitoring. The objective is to use the tool to provide visibility on upcoming replenishment, and reassure on transport conditions for very sensitive goods.

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