IoTrack SOlution

An IOT-powered flow monitoring solution

Real-time, End-to-end, Multimodal

  • Goods geolocation
  • Condition monitoring (temperature, humidity, shocks, opening…)
  • ETA prediction
  • Real-time alerts notifications
  • Analytics Dashboard (lead-time, delays, carrier and lane comparison)
  • Integrated with client information system



Nestle Purina: Risk analysis on temperature among distribution circuit

Michelin: Turning real-time alert and route optimization into cost reduction


Michelin: Turning real-time visibility into lead-time reduction

Michelin: From Air Freight to Sea Freight


Luxe Industry Player: Improve operational synchronisation and reactivity to unforeseen events

Chemical Industry Player: Supply chain diagnosis

How does the solution work on Intercontinental flows ?

The Ultimate Benefits Guide For a Flow Tracking Solution

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