iot technology

To get visibility over transport operation

What's Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things describes the network of physical objects « things » or objects that are embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data with other devices and systems over the internet.

schema montrant l'IoT

What's IoT in supply chain transport operations ?

  • Trackers positioned inside containers / on the asset
  • Trackers battery life up to 5 years
  • Connected to Sigfox global network
  • AI & Algorithm
  • Predictive capabilities
  • Relevant alert / Notification system

What is Sigfox 0G Network?

0G network interconnects low bandwidth, battery-powered devices with low bit rates over long rang. Essentially, it’s about using radio frequencies to communicate small messages over a very long distance, very quickly.

What’s the added value of 0G network?

  • Global IoT Network present in over 70 countries
  • Low power consumption, predictable life span, and no maintenance in most cases
  • Wide area coverage with indoor penetration. Can be combined  with Bluetooth, GPS, and Wifi
  • Low cost, easy-to-implement, and use
  • Anti-jamming and advanced security features
  • Cognitive network based on a software-defined radio, perfectly fitted for AI and blockchain.
  • Short data range – small compressed messages
  • Use of public frequency ranges limits number of messages per day