IoTrack SOlution

 A cutting-edge IoT container tracking solution which provides reliable location and condition monitoring for your end-to-end multimodal transport flows.

New visibility, New control, New optimization

Accurate and granular information for complex multimodal transportation in real-time

End-to-end tracking

IoT trackers Positioned in containers by exporters. Connected with Sigfox global network.

One analytics and visibility web platform

Solution which can be integrated with clients information system.

Instant benefits

Create value through quality information that is
reliable, granular, easy-to-use and low-cost to retrieve.

Condition Monitoring

Have visibility and control over your temperature, pressure and humidity across every lane air, road, rail, and sea with a real-time alert.

Independence from shipping lines and carriers

Mitigate any risk by using an independent monitoring solution that provides real-time and reliable visibility.

Working capital reduction

The flows optimization speeds up the process, gains in lead time and therefore reduces working capital.

Insurance premium reduction

Reduce your insurance premium by proving that you have better control of your flows.

Better customer relationship

With machine learning, get actionable and predictive ETA’s. Anticipate delays and synchronise operations for faster lead time to improve reliability for better customer relationship.

Detention cost reduction

Get information on unloading activities in real-time to react faster
and avoid sleeping containers.


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