With truck and driver shortage, pandemics, legal and environmental regulation, the supply chain ecosystem is facing many challenges*. Supply chain managers are under pressure between the growing needs of high-demanding customers and delivering, in-time, high-quality services. This highly uncertain and disturbed environment is becoming a significant barrier to cost-effectiveness and customer satisfaction

A study by PWC estimates that “understanding the flow of goods within the supply chain depends upon accurate knowledge of various time points along the chain”**. By getting a more comprehensive understanding of why and how disturbances such as delays or inaccurate deliveries are arising, companies will avoid future incidents.

Many technological advancements, such as IoT technology and Tracking solutions, enable considerable transformations in the supply chains. Furthermore, improvements in real-time monitoring of flows of goods empower logistics companies and their customers to complete oversight and gain control over their transport flows through visibility interfaces.

Today, improving customer service is a more effective way than ever to differentiate your business from the harsh competition. This article highlights the importance of supply chain visibility in developing a strong customer relationship through flow tracking solutions.

Achieving Supply Chain Visibility:

How Supply Chain technologies enable customers to extend visibility over their goods?

In response to these challenges, tracking solutions progressively revolutionise how data is used within the supply chain ecosystem. Understanding the flow of the goods in an intercontinental freight context with many visibility blind spots can be very complex.

Therefore there is a growing need for more precise and reliable information to get real-time visibility and facilitate the resolution of any disruptions that might occur.

Digital Tracking

A flow tracking solution allows you to get granular data in real-time and get a significant improvement in monitoring the flow of your goods. Tracking systems help optimise the end-to-end visibility over the flow of your goods during transportation by providing real-time information and transparency to carriers.

Today, you can choose to use aggregated data through a Track & Trace system such as EasyTrack, a 100% digital solution from the provider Safecube which collects and enriches directly information made available by shipping lines, ports, and satellite data. Then, you have access to this data that is processed into a single web-based interface, almost in real-time. 

A Track and Trace solution like EasyTrack helps to :

  • Anticipate disruptions through real-time alerts and predictive analysis (ETA)
  • Reducing in-transit lead-time or late delivery penalties
  • Enhancing better management of routine processes (improving the daily
  • management of flows and anticipating unforeseen events)


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The power of IoT

However, data aggregated from the carriers can still face inaccuracies, lack of objectivity, or delays in receiving information.        IoT (Internet of Things) technology can be used to get reliable and granular information to solve these issues, bringing more value to customers. 

By adopting disruptive solutions such as IoTrack, you can access qualitative and complete end-to-end real-time information on your goods, independently of carriers.

By placing trackers in containers, this solution provides actionable data, including real-time location, transport conditions (temperature, shock, humidity), to facilitate the management of deviations in complete transparency with customers.

Real-time control systems enhance customer relationships by:

  • Enabling reliable information sharing
  • Facilitating efficient cooperation between transportation providers within the supply chain.
  • Giving shippers better control over their shipments
  • Improving flow efficiency by getting more short, reliable lead times
  • Ensuring an efficient condition monitoring
  • Allowing better anticipation of unforeseen events and faster interactions with suppliers

In the end, enhanced visibility leads to providing customers with a good delivery experience, including better customer service and satisfaction.

The Ultimate Benefits Guide For a Flow Tracking Solution

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Improving Customer Relationship Management:

How Better Supply Chain Visibility facilitates fruitful customer relationship with your shipping partners?

The information extracted from goods tracking systems is reliable and qualitative, allowing suppliers to offer a higher level of customer service. Customers need to be reassured with reliable and high-quality information about their shipments with the shortest latency possible. 

To this end, an IoT solution emerges as a complete solution:

  • Providing granular information in real-time, adapted to transport’s specificities.
  • Real-time and relevant information that goes fast (which shipping lines and carriers don’t necessarily possess)
  • Independence from the carrier: crucial for shippers, enhancing greater and direct visibility over their in-transit shipments. 

Furthermore, for the user, the information provided on one single interface is much easier to understand compared to what shipping companies can give. Transparency is essential to build a reliable and robust relationship with shipping partners. Sharing reliable and quality information with the concerned parties can avoid costly measures such as triggering emergency air freight.

Clear and objective information leads to successful collaborations without any conflict of interest

Nevertheless, real-time visibility facilitates the information transmission between the different parties and allows carriers to react as quickly as possible. This IoT solution offers several features to better anticipate unexpected events like delays and or missed transshipments.

The tracking system using IoT can also:

  • Help to avoid essential delays in the delivery process (information and data sharing)
  • Give customers a global overview of their shipment
  • Enable customers to prevent costly unplanned changes 

« Safecube’s IoT solution enabled Michelin to transmit the location of the goods to our customer quickly. This avoids the need to mandate an emergency air transport and, therefore, to preserve the customer relationship. » 

Frédéric JEANDIN, Service & Distribution Manager – Aircraft Tires, Michelin

As is shown in the Michelin example, by using the correct flow tracking system, customers can :

  • Improve their supply chain visibility and efficiency
  • Make significant savings and deliver better-quality services leading to stronger customer relationships.

To conclude, IoT and Digital tracking systems help shippers gaining visibility and control over their flows through new granular and real-time data. Reliable information is shared efficiently between every party, enables better cooperation, leading to better delivery performance and better customer service.

Enhanced visibility enables shippers to have better control over their shipping operation: an overall efficiency that can help to significantly minimise the risk of costly disruptions or delivery penalties.


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** PWC, Transportation & Logistics 2030, Volume 1: How will supply chains evolve in an energy-constrained, low-carbon world?