End-to-end, Real-time, Multimodal

Flow Tracking

.Two complementary solutions designed with your needs in mind


IoT-powered flow monitoring

For complex multimodal flows: on lanes, road, rail, and sea

What’s IoT Technology?



100% Digital Track & Trace 

Day-to-day tracking tool for intercontinental sea-freight flows

Aggregating data from different sources (shipping line and ports, AIS vessel tracking, customer data,…)


.Two different levels of visibility

  • For complex multimodal flows
  • End-to-end and real-time visibility
  • Visibility data independent from transport providers
  • Monitoring of transport conditions (temperature, humidity, shocks)
  • For routine performance monitoring
  • Near real-time and port-to-port tracking information
  • Aggregation of data from different sources
  • Easy to use and fast to implement