Frequently Asked Questions
What is including in the solution?

The service include the IoT Trackers positioned in containers by exporters. Connected with Sigfox global network. (for IoTrack and LocaTrack only)
A global access to cloud web platform with analytics and visibility features
Logistic services for trackers: Tracker delivery to departure warehouse and reverse logistics from destination warehouse. (For IoTrack and LocaTrack only)

What are the benefits of the solutions?

Depending on the different solutions, the panel of benefits can be found are:

IoTrack Benefits

EasyTrack benefits

LocaTrack benefits

What are the advantages of IoT compared to simple Track & Trace?

EasyTrack helps you to track your goods easily

– Port-to-port tracking
– Near real-time and port-to-port tracking information
– Allows you to know a prediction of the date of arrival at the ports.
– Information on delays

IoTrack allows to get granular information in complex multimodal transportation.
– Condition monitoring at a high level of accuracy
– Complete independence for data capture
– Better anticipate and react in case of unforeseen events
– Complete end-to-end perspective
– Near Real-time visibility

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What parameters are monitored with IoT?

Condition monitoring is about having visibility and control over your temperature, humidity and shocks across every lane, road, rail, and sea with a real-time alert.
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What kind of notifications will I receive?
Notifications are available for – Unloading from vessel, departure from port, stopover, transshipment – Early and delays – Missed ships – Sleeping containers – Related to conditions: Exceeding the thresholds for temperature, humidity, shocks, etc.
How do I create value with the data I get?

At first the data is processed and qualified before being available on Safecube platform. Then there are many ways to create value from quality information:
– Route optimization: detailed analysis from lead-times per route and shipping lanes
– Working capital reduction: The flows optimization speeds up the process, gains in lead time and therefore reduces working capital.
– Insurance premium reduction: Reduce your insurance premium by proving that you have better control of your flows.
– Better customer relationship: With machine learning, get actionable and predictive ETA’s. Anticipate delays and synchronize operations for faster lead time to improve reliability for better customer relationship.
– Detention cost reduction: Get information on unloading activities in real-time to react faster and avoid sleeping containers

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What level of integration with my SI is required for the service?
There are two ways to integrate the Safecube platform into customers piloting tools – A standalone use: no integration required, just access to the Cloud platform. – Connect the customer’s IS directly to the Safecube solution via an API.
Can the tracking devices be reused?
The tracking device can be reused. They have autonomy over several years thanks to the Sigfox technology. This is in line with our commitment to provide innovations for a more sustainable supply chain.
How does the tracking works at sea, far from the coasts?
IoT trackers are directly connected to the Sigfox network available on or near the coast. All data points recorded during the sea journey are recorded and saved by the tracker until it is reconnected to the network. However, the real-time geolocation via the ship allows a continuous tracking of the containers.
What transit benefits can be achieved through the tracking platform?

With reliable and up-to-date data you can analyse different information that allows you to reduce transit time, for example:
– A possible deviation
– Challenge carriers and see who is the best performer among others
– Analyse delays per line to see if it is possible to change the port of departure or arrival etc.
– Negotiate contracts with your carriers
– etc.

How to make the tool save users time when they will have to manage an additional platform on a daily basis?

There are several time-saving variants:

You don’t have to visit several websites of your forwarders or shipping companies, all information is gathered on our platform.

We can set up a daily report with all shipments with, for example, 2 days delay. This saves you visiting our platform or viewing all shipments but only tracking those with a significant delay. In addition, alerts are sent by email in case of incidents such as: failed transhipment, new transhipment, missed ship.

In addition, we have an API documentation that allows us to integrate with your management tool (e.g. ERP, TMS etc) and therefore automatically feed the data directly into your tool.