easytrack solution

Day-to-day tracking tool for intercontinental sea-freight flows.

Get instant benefits


Many features to have the best user experience, such as automated notifications, real time alerts, access to more details if necessary…

Easy access to data

Heterogenous data retrieved and qualified in a single digital interface to get relaible and actionable information quickly.

Benchmark your performances

Compare your supply chain metrics with broader industry data to identify trends and areas for improvement.


Get a dynamic estimated time of arrival (ETA) prediction for reliable Supply Chain planning

Effective exception management

Get effective exception management with a decision support tool which helps to get a reliable ETA and synchronize operation for shorter lead times.

Effortless platform

Powerful machine learning, industry’s largest data set, to get actionable insights in one single digital platform


Michelin: EasyTrack benefits during Suez Canal Crisis

The Ultimate Benefit Guide For a Flow Tracking Solution

Download the last white paper on all the benefits to expect from a tracking solution and see how leading companies are transforming their supply chains with real-time transportation visibility platform