You might have heard a lot about innovative and disruptive tracking solutions recently and stating it now might sound a bit repetitive and not that authentic. Let me then tell you why I believe Safecube is by nature innovate and disruptive.


Let’s start by getting back to the business need and the problems we are trying to solve! Tracking goods in transit is not an end but a means. A means to be more agile, reduce exposure, and capital expense in an environment that is more and more VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity). And this is all the more true when your business is by nature international. If you want it to be more concrete, our clients are looking for solutions to:

– reduce their time to market,

– reduce their inventory and logistic costs,

– get a better control on their international shipment to better manage emergencies and last minute changes.


And to make it easier, ideally this solution should be totally independent of transporters and shipping lines as the shipper can choose the flows that they want to track within the geographic scope of the network coverage.

Today many sophisticated solutions exist to address those challenges. And they are very effective! The problem is that for most companies, the ROI (Return On Investment) is negative as you have to pay a very expensive service – usually relying on 2G/3G networks and expensive trackers – to reduce a couple of days of inventory. This is only addressing the market of high value products where reducing 1 day of inventory is worth spending $100+ per shipment. Using traditional communication networks, companies delivering those services will also provide you with very detailed and fancy tracking informations that are – for most of them – not really useful to address your primary objective.

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At Safecube we approached these challenges with a different angle, getting back to the pain points and business needs and trying to design a solution that is addressing exactly that. And nothing more.

In order to streamline your intercontinental supply chain, you don’t need « pure » real time visibility and detailed reports. You need to have reliable informations at key steps of your shipment, for example:

– Actual departure of the boat, and alerts in case your goods missed it,

– Real time information of craning activities, especially at the arrival port to better synchronise your final road/train transportation leg,

– Alerts in case of expected delay (vs target ETA) in order to better manage your emergencies.


Then comes the choice of the technology. Using the 0G network of Sigfox, we are actually able to tackle those challenges, with a very minimalistic solution. Our trackers are pretty simple, they can be reused during 4 to 5 years, and connectivity cost are pretty low.


All in all, we have been able to build a service 4 to 5 time less expensive than traditional tracking solutions. Which means that the market addressed is much bigger and not only reserved to very high value shipments. And the good news is that our plug-and-play solution is indeed completely agnostic from the transporter and freight forwarder choice!


That’s why Michelin is now commited to deploy our services to most of their shipments. That’s why many industrial companies are currently testing it and getting ready to adopt it. And that’s why our solution is really innovative and disruptive.

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