A major player in the automotive industry: asset fleet optimization

Since October 2020, a major player in the automotive industry has decided to implement a Safecube IoT tracking solution, LocaTrack, to improve the flow of its vehicles, which come off the finishing line within its factory and up to the dealership. Indeed, this use case is in a vehicle production setting.

Once the vehicle leaves the factory, there are several steps in the distribution flow: passage to the body shop, distribution to the dealers etc. 

Born from a need for visibility on the movement of these assets and the management of their fleet, the company equipped itself with an IoT monitoring solution.

Trackers with a lifespan of more than 10 years have been placed in the vehicules to monitor their movements in real time.

The project addressed a few specific challenges :


Improving visibility

  • Locating trucks at different stages of the distribution flow. This means following the vehicle preparation steps at different locations on the factory site
  • Follow-up of the delivery of vehicles to the dealer, including in the case of complex flows with stages at one or more repair shops before delivery to the dealership or to the customer.
  • Having lead-time and dwell time data
  • Confirm delivery dates in a reliable way



  • A need for improvement in the management of its fleet of assets. This means simplifying and accelerate the management of the vehicles in the yard and during preparation steps.


Ease of integration

  • The company needed to eliminate complexity by using a very basic, simple, inexpensive device. Also, the data processing had to fit into an operational reality and supply chain logic.

    For example, by adapting to the factory processes (positioning of the devices during end-of-line stage, pairing with vehicle Id).

Diagnostic Results


Time Saving

  • Quick location of the truck, streamline truck movements (reduce truck waiting time, early warning that the truck is ready to be sent to the concessionaire).     


Better performance in managing its trucks fleet

  • A large set of data analysis to support the decision making process and monitor operations performance : preparation times analyses by prep stages, dwelling time analysis, lead time analysis and delivery date deviation


Real-time alert

  • On the yard: Send a real-time alert when the truck is ready to be dispatched, when a vehicle is “sleeping”, when it enters a specific area.
  • During transportation to dealerships (via coachbuilder): tracking the flow, alerts when it arrives/leaves a stage (coachbuilder), or arrives at the dealership, confirmed arrival date.

IoT added values :

  • Connecting unconnected assets
  • Ease of deployment and use: “rather easy” to implement in the factory environment and processes
  • Autonomy
  • Cost of operation
  • End-to-end monitoring (transport, platform, warehouse).


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