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« Safecube’s IoT solution enabled Michelin to quickly transmit the location of the goods to our customer. This avoids the need to mandate an emergency air transport and therefore to preserve the customer relationship. « 

Frédéric Jeandin

Service & Distribution Manager - Aircraft Tyre, Michelin

Packaging Tracking, what to choose?

The recent development of connected systems allows the increase of the fluidity of logistic operations. Supply chain digitalisation involves documents dematerialisation, the automation of stock entry and exit processes, and localisation such as positioning, tracking,...

Beyond « Where is my container”, visibility on maritime flows for a better stock management

A tracking solution can have a significant impact on inventory management. Indeed, these solutions give access to real-time visibility on intercontinental maritime flows. It retrieves hourly information on the location of goods in transit and alerts in case of...

From air freight to sea freight, a suitable pathway for building a sustainable supply chain?

The acceleration of globalisation and trade has been a knock-on effect, making air freight more expensive and unreliable, leading to an accelerated switch toward sea freight transportation. This article will discuss the difficulties in implementing a modal shift in a...

Improving the route planning on logistics shipping maps with Artificial Intelligence

AI, and AI again, today machine learning or deep learning seems to be on everyone's lips. But what does it (really) bring to the logistic transport sector? Today we present a very concrete usecase on the use of artificial intelligence to improve the accuracy of...

Two ways the IoT can help limit the environmental impact of supply chain maritime transport

Transforming technological innovations into environmental benefits is the challenge of our century. I even think that a sustainable supply chain will not exist without a connected supply chain. Among these innovations, the driving force is data collection at a minimal...

How supply chain visibility helps you optimize your lead times

Confronted with the growing needs of high-demanding customers and delivering, in-time, high-quality services, supply chain players are compelled to implement strategic changes in their operations to better address those issues. Customers are expected to receive their...

Inland tracking :How to combine IoT & telematic?

Telematics now seems to be the easiest way to gain visibility of land-based flows.  It enables the capture of valuable data, in real-time : geolocation, routes, fuel consumption, stopping times, etc. This information is collected and analysed thanks to a solution that...

Optimize your logistics flows with the e-VSM stream mapping method

Is it possible to speed up your logistics flows from the supplier through the warehouse reception area to the stockroom? Yes, by improving your operational performance through better control of your logistics flows. Such an approach contributes to better operational...

Data to optimize the fleet management

French version  Construction is one of the most important industries in the world with a global revenue of more than 183 billion euros (Statista). In spite of this, its productivity does not follow this evolution, stagnating or even decreasing (Batiactu). The question...

What types of gains can we expect from an asset fleet tracking solution?

French version Today, the ubiquity of "blind spots" in the operations of a company generates efficiency which is a real impediment to assets management. Digital innovations such as the Internet of Things (IoT) therefore constitute a valuable contribution by providing...

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